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Chiropractic for Performing Artists

Chiropractic Care for Dancers, Actors, and Other Performing Artists

Pain, injuries, and chronic inflammation tend to haunt performing artists, from actors and dancers to musicians. Fortunately, the show can go on when you get the relief you need at Skyline Chiropractic in Burnsville. We can provide non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical chiropractic care for dancers, actors, and other performing artists.

Chiropractic Care for Dancers, Actors, and Other Performing Artists

Musculoskeletal Challenges Faced by Performers

Performing artists put their bodies through a great deal, on par with many professional athletes who make unreasonable demands on their bodies. Dancers are an obvious example. Severe joint stress and repetitive motion can lead to chronic inflammatory issues, such as muscle strains and tendinitis. An ill-judged landing or twisting motion can cause acute ligament sprains and other serious problems. The more chronic pain and stiffness you're already experiencing, the more vulnerable you are to acute injuries, especially if an underlying spinal or extremity joint misalignment is making everything worse. Actors put themselves under many of the same physical stresses as dancers. Even extended periods of simply standing can lead to strain on the back, weight-bearing joints, and feet.

Musicians are another group of performing artists plagued by musculoskeletal problems. Repetitive motion and chronic tissue overuse are once again the culprits. Instrumentalists often suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome caused by overuse of the wrist tissues, sometimes worsened by alignment issues in the wrist bones. They may also suffer from shoulder or elbow pain that hampers their ability to perform.

Our Chiropractors Can Keep Your Show on the Road

If your performance depends on your musculoskeletal health, bring your aching body to Skyline Chiropractic. Our Burnsville chiropractors will ask about your medical history, including any previous performance-related injuries, performance/practice routines, and current symptoms while examining your spinal and/or extremity joints. Depending on what we find, we may recommend various healing modalities as part of a personalized treatment plan, including:

    • Spinal adjustments to straighten your posture and make you less injury-prone
    • Extremity adjustments to ease chronic joint pain and stiffness
    • Massage to help inflamed soft tissues feel better and heal more rapidly
    • Corrective exercises to improve strength and flexibility as needed
    • Recommendations for changing your performing or practice habits

Contact Our Burnsville Chiropractors Today

If you need a better solution for your performing-arts pain and stiffness than drugs or surgery, Skyline Chiropractic can help keep you on your toes, whether you’re on stage or on tour. Call our Burnsville chiropractors today at (952) 707-8588 to ask about our chiropractic treatments and other conservative care methods!


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